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Picture of Chester Alan Arthur
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21st President (1881-1885), 20th Vice President (1881)

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Education: Union College

Occupation: teacher, lawyer

Political Affiliation: Republican

Religious Affiliation: Episcopalian

Summary of Religious Views:

As a result of a religious experience, Arthur's father became a Baptist minister, but Arthur doesn't seem to have shared his father's faith. Arthur sometimes attended church, generally favoring Episcopal services. Franklin Steiner, in his book The Religious Beliefs Of Our Presidents, categorized Arthur among "Presidents Whose Religious Views Are Doubtful."

Views on Religion & Politics:


"The fact that adherents of the Mormon Church, which rests upon polygamy as its corner stone, have recently been peopling in large numbers Idaho, Arizona, and other of our Western Territories is well calculated to excite the liveliest interest and apprehension. It imposes upon Congress and the Executive the duty of arraying against this barbarous system all the power which under the Constitution and the law they can wield for its destruction." -- annual message, 6 December 1881

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