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Picture of William McKinley


25th President (1897-1901)

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Education: Allegheny College (did not graduate)

Occupation: lawyer

Political Affiliation: Republican

Organizational Affiliation(s): Mason

Religious Affiliation: Methodist

Summary of Religious Views:

Views on Religion & Politics:

McKinley believed the U.S. government had a duty to help spread Christianity and Western civilization to the rest of the world.


"I assume the arduous and responsible duties of President of the United States, relying upon the support of my countrymen and invoking the guidance of Almighty God. Our faith teaches that there is no safer reliance than upon the God of our fathers, who has so singularly favored the American people in every national trial, and who will not forsake us so long as we obey His commandments and walk humbly in His footsteps" -- First Inaugural Address, 4 March 1897

"Good-bye - good bye, all. It's God's way. His will, not ours, be done. Nearer my God to Thee, nearer to Thee." -- last words before death, 14 September 1901

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